News & Updates

The safety and well-being of Pompano Beach Housing Authority residents is our top priority. While the air conditioning units gifted to our residents at Golden Acres by Mr. Capri [Kodak Black] was an extremely generous and admirable gesture, we have a responsibility to ensure that all electrical installations at the Housing Authority of Pompano Beach properties meet standard safety guidelines to avoid the risk of accidental harm to any of our residents and their guests. All of our residents are equipped with an air conditioning unit in every home. If there is a need for maintenance or replacement of any air conditioning unit within the Pompano Beach housing communities, we encourage affected residents to notify us as soon as possible so that we may address and rectify any unfavorable circumstances immediately.
Additionally, the cease-and-desist letter issued to Mr. Capri [Kodak Black] addressed other activities taking place on the property, including but not limited to, the unauthorized shooting of music videos, the large gatherings accompanied by noise and music particularly in the night, individuals climbing on the roofs of the homes, etc.  With Mr. Capri’s [Kodak Black] celebrity status and huge following, large crowds are inevitable.  Our concern is that he is encouraging these impromptu large gatherings and/or events in a residential community, without Management’s knowledge and adherence to proper safety protocols to keep our residents safe, and this creates a public safety hazard. 

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Capri [Kodak Black] on his efforts to give back to the Pompano Beach community.
—The Housing Authority of Pompano Beach