About Us

The Housing Authority of Pompano Beach was formed in November 1951 to assist low to moderate income families with decent, safe and sanitary rental housing. On April 8, 1952 The City of Pompano Beach and HAPB entered into The Cooperation Agreement with presiding Mayor W.W. Cheshire, City Manager HP Edmonds and HAPB Board Chairman E.A. Mobley, Vice Chairman W. Fullbright, Board Commissioner G. Banks, Board Commissioner G. Blount, and Secretary / Executive Director W.A. Williams.  The Executive Director is Lennard Robinson.

As a public service agency, HAPB is dedicated to providing excellent service to the community as we administer an efficient, high-performing agency through continuous improvement of our support systems and commitment to our employees and their development. As a housing authority it is to ensure our program participant’s rents are fair, reasonable and affordable while encouraging self-sufficiency.